Step 1: Learn 10-20 system electrode names and placement

There is a list of standardized electrode locations called to international 10-20 system. We follow this standardized system so that any EEG can be read by any neurologist worldwide.

Step 2: Practice the 10-20 System Measurements on a Mannequin Head

By wrapping a styrofoam mannequin head with tape, you can practice measuring with an erasable marker. Send me a video of your measurements for feedback.

Step 3: Hookup Your First EEG

After I check your measurements, you are ready to hookup your first EEG. Find someone to be your test subject, measure their head, scrub each spot, and apply the electrodes with conductive paste. Send me a video, and I will check your electrode placements. All the supplies you need are in my EEG kit.

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Step 4: Complete Activation Procedures

Begin your 30 minute recording and complete routine EEG activation procedures. These include: eyes open/closed to test reactivity, photic light stimulation, hyperventilation, and stage 1-2 sleep. Skip photic stimulation if sensitive to lights, and skip hyperventilation if any existing breathing or heart problems.

Step 5: Write a Short EEG Report With This Template


The patient is awake, alert, and oriented. Background consists of a continuous, symmetric, 10 Hz posterior dominant rhythm. Background is reactive, attenuating with eye opening. Bilateral photic driving response noted. No buildup seen during hyperventilation with good effort. Stage 1-2 sleep seen. No focal slowing or epileptiform discharges.

Step 6: Apply to EEG Technologist Jobs by Showing Them Your EEG

Once you are comfortable hooking up an EEG and writing a report, you are ready to apply for jobs. Send me your EEG file, and I will give you feedback before you send your EEG work example to potential employers. You should apply to neurologist offices, hospitals, and ambulatory (in-home) EEG companies. Starting salary is about $50k, with the ability to make $100k+ as a travel EEG technologist after 2 years experience.